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Olympiacos C.F.P.

Full name: Olympiacos Club of Fans of Piraeus
Full name in Greek:Ολυμπιακός Σύνδεσμος Φιλάθλων Πειραιώς
City: Piraeus, Greece
Founded: 10th March of 1925
Nicknames: Thrylos (Legend), Erythrolefki (Red-Whites), Gavroi (Anchovies)
Colours: Red, White
Home: Karaiskakis Stadium, Piraeus, Greece. map photos
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Anthem of Olympiacos

Composer: S. Valsamakis
Lyrics: K. Kilimanzos
Performer: Christakis Voliotis
Music style: March, Pop

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Lyrics (English Translation)

Legend of the courts
laurel-crowned and glorious
your power is your fiery fans
who never let you down

Olympi- Olympi- Olympiacos
the best and biggest team of all
my biggest, greatest love of all
you great Olympiacos
you great Olympiacos

Glory to your children,
a thousand songs for you,
you're famous everywhere,
they tremble when they hear your name
Pele and Santos still remember your name.

Olympi- Olympi- Olympiacos
the best and biggest team of all
my biggest, greatest love of all
you great Olympiacos
you great Olympiacos.

Lyrics (in Greek)

Θρύλε των γηπέδων Ολυμπιακέ
δαφνοστεφανωμένε μεγάλε και τρανέ
έχεις δύναμή σου Ολυμπιακέ,
τον πύρινό σου κόσμο που δε λυγά ποτέ.

ομάδα ομαδάρα μου,
μεγάλη μου αγάπη,
Ολυμπιακάρα μου. (2)

Δόξα στα παιδιά σου Ολυμπιακέ
χιλιοτραγουδισμένε, στον κόσμο ξακουστέ.
Τρέμουν στ' άκουσμά σου Ολυμπιακέ
κι ακόμα σε θυμούνται η Σάντος κι ο Πελέ.
ομάδα ομαδάρα μου,
μεγάλη μου αγάπη,
Ολυμπιακάρα μου.

First anthem of Olympiacos

Composer: Yiagos Laoutaris
Lyrics: Mimis X. Vasiliadis
Music style: March

The first official song ever recored for a football team in Greece, in 1932, was the "Olympiacos Song" sang by G. Laoutaris and the "Major Men's Choir".

"Get out of the way" they sang, which was rather a unneeded warning as all of Olympiacos' rivals knew what was coming for them.

The first greek National League Championship was held during the 1931-1932 period. Olympiacos had a superb team. Some of the players were Grammatikopoulos, all four Andrianopoulos brothers (Dinos, George, Vassilis and Leonidas), Lekkos, Kourantis, Terzakis, Pezonis, Panopoulos, Sofras, Chrisafopoulos and many more.

Olympiacos achieved his huge triumphs in the Cycling Stadium (which is the modern Karaiskakis Stadium) and other stadiums in Athens and Salonica. In Pireaus, Olympiacos beat all the teams that played for the championship  by a score of 3-1 and the Cycling Stadium became a tombstone for anyone who dared to challenge Olympiacos. All the teams lost with the score of 3-1: Panathinaikos, AEK, Ares of Salonica, Hercules, and PAOK. Ethnikos was the only exception as they lost by a score of 4-1.

At that point Vassiliadis wrote the lyrics and Laoutaris composed the music:
"One goal, two, three, everyone panics,
Triumph, victory, Olympiacos!".

This song was sung by the players and the fans in and out of the court, having their fists clenched and their eyes wet. It was a song that moved, overwhelmed and electrified Greece thoughout. It became popular, it was played on the radio, at parties, on excursions, everywhere. It echoed all around Pireaus.

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Lyrics (English Translation)

Get out of the way, get out of the way
Olympiacos is coming out to play!

Wings at their feet, strong heart in their chest
They triumphed like in dreams
They’re masters at play, those fearless wolves
And Nike opens her wings to fly high.

One passes, another shoots
The rival is dazed, they play in panic,
One guards, another tackles,
Triumph, victory, Olympiacos!

Olympiacos, Olympiacos.

Selected lads, children of victory,
Power, skill, their heart made of steel.
One goal, two, three, everyone panics,
Triumph, victory, Olympiacos!
Triumph, victory, Olympiacos!

Red and white, the famous flag,
Everybody knows it from the lurches
Championships or friendly matches,
Pireus, triumph, Olympiacos!


Lyrics (in Greek)

Φτερά στα πόδια, καρδιά μες στα στήθια
που δώσαν θρίαμβους σαν παραμύθια.
Παίζουν με τέχνη ατρόμητοι λύκοι
και τα φτερά της ανοίγει η Νίκη.

Πασάρει ο ένας, ο άλλος σουτάρει
ο εχθρός τα χάνει, σωστός πανικός,
αυτός προσέχει, εκείνος μαρκάρει,
θρίαμβος, νίκη, Ολυμπιακός!

Ολυμπιακός, ολυμπιακός

Παλικάρια διαλεκτά, της νίκης παιδιά
δύναμη, τέχνη, ατσάλι καρδιά
Ένα, δύο, τρία, γκολ παντού πανικός
Θρίαμβος, νίκη, Ολυμπιακός! (δις)

Κόκκινο – άσπρο, παντιέρα γνωστή
από τις νίκες παντού ξακουστή
πρωτάθλημα, αγώνας φιλικός,
Πειραιάς, θρίαμβος, Ολυμπιακός!



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